June 2020-Mom of the Month

Meet Kelsie! Our mom of the month🙌

Hi everyone! I am Kelsie Auman. My husband, Josh and I have been married for almost 5 years. We met when I was on vacation visiting my parents in Charlotte, NC. I ended up moving there a month later from Seattle, WA and the rest is history. Josh and I have two wild boys, Maverick who is almost 3 and Cooper who just turned 8 months old.

Before I had Maverick, I worked full time as a Human Resource Manager in the medical field. I had been working in the medical field since I was 18 and just love helping others. I am now working part-time as an HR representative for a software engineering company.

I joined Stroller Strides when Maverick was 9 months old just after relocating to Phoenix. I was looking to find some friends in the area for myself and Maverick. It has really been a blessing, because the friendships created helped my family and I made us all feel like Phoenix was our home. In the past two years not only have I participated in some great workouts, I have met some amazing moms and created some friendships within the fit4mom village with the families involved for my husband and kids as well.

Fun Fact: Fluent with 5 years of American Sign Language education. My sister is fluent in sign language as well. Back when we were younger, we use to sit in the kitchen and sign to each other just to annoy/torture my mom. We still use it as a communication tool if we are together in the same room or in public trying to be secretive.